The Benefits of Pop By Gifts in Your Real Estate Business

The Benefits of Pop By Gifts in Your Real Estate Business

Pop By Gifts are simple, small gifts that real estate agents can use to leverage their client relationships. The key goal of any gift like this is to encourage clients to come back again or to refer the agent to other prospective people hoping to buy or sell. There are various benefits to using this type of gift, and it can be one of the easiest changes to make within your business.

They Are Very Affordable

Unlike other forms of marketing and advertising, real estate Pop By Gifts are very affordable. You are paying for professionally created gift tags (that’s the key) along with a small gift that your home buyer or seller can appreciate. This is nothing expensive, but rather a fun and appreciative gift that you know they will enjoy. Whether it is a set of coffee mugs for their new home or a bag of candy you know they enjoy, the goal is to bring a smile to your client’s face.

They Are Fun

One of the keys to using this type of real estate marketing is to build a relationship. While you are handing them a flyer for them to pass out to friends and family and to build your brand, the client sees these pop by gifts as a lighthearted, simple thank you. They can appreciate them immediately. That leaves a positive vibe in their memory about the services that you offer. This allows for your clients to feel valued and appreciated in working with you. One of the keys to doing Pop By Gifts well is to use a creative saying or a play on words to really drive home the positive feeling.

It’s an Excuse to Get in Front of Them Again

Pop By Gifts work at various times. Often, they can be used as a way to encourage people to refer you to friends after buying or selling a home. They can be a simple housewarming gift with a well-created tag. However, they can also be used as a way to remind them who you are. You may want to send them to your former clients to remind them that you’re their Realtor and that they can turn to you time and time again for help and support.

They Create an Easy Way for Referrals to Happen

A sweet and fun message on a card attached to a gift allows for your clients to simply hand your information to anyone else they know. As family and friends come over to see the home, they may inquire about the Realtor. With these tags, you are giving them an easy way to pass along your information.

Use Them During Your Open House

There are plenty of ways to make these items work. You can add a hang tag on water bottles you’re handing out to visitors during an open house as a way to encourage them to give you a call. You can use them at meet-and-greets.

Thanks for Popping by the Open House Pop By Tag

If you’re ready to learn more about the ways Pop By Gifts can work to support your business, check out our products at It’s easy to see how simple this can be to add to your business.