5 Easy Ways to Win New Listings for Real Estate Agents

5 Ways to Get New Listings For Real Estate Agents

The Real Estate Market is HOT right now.

Here are FIVE easy ways to get new listings:


Reach out to your friends and family to remind them what you do. The people that know and love you are the best place to start building leads. Some easy ways to connect with your friends and family are handwritten cardsmailers, or even a fun special treat.


Reach out to your neighbors to let them know that you know what makes your neighborhood special. You know what makes your neighborhood the perfect place to have a home. Use a door hanger or mailer to let them know that you are neighbors. 


Be religious about thanking your referrals with thoughtful gifts and notes. Let those that refer you know that you don't take their kind endorsements for granted. It also creates incentives to keep their raving reviews flowing! 


Celebrate big milestones in your network with a note of congratulations. This helps you stay front of mind when someone goes to sell. It shows you care about them and the details. Many top agents are always keeping their eyes out for announcements in the newspaper or LinkedIn for promotions, new businesses, and job changes to allow them to wish congrats! 

The biggest thing is to be consistent with everything above. Develop a process that helps you consistently being intentional about growing your brand. If you develop a routine, you will see the fruits of your labor bloom.